Welcome to my home page.
I am a professional photographer based in Charlotte, North Carolina.
All the photos you see in the various categories are for sale. Please click on Photo Sales Info for details on pricing and sizes.
Although based in Virginia from 2000 to July 2017, I moved to Charlotte in July 2017, and I spent the previous 42 years living in Europe. I have travelled extensively around the world.
Nature, landscape and travel photography are my main subjects in this selection of my photographs, but I also do a variety of commissions and in particular, I do natural photographs of children.
Do check back regularly, as I will be constantly updating the website with new photos.
You can also see my latest photos and news on my Facebook page at
Please also note that the pictures you see on this website are low resolution copies of the originals - the prints I sell are much sharper and clearer than what appears on the screen.

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