Although born and educated in the south of England, I have spent more than half my life living elsewhere, including 6 years in Edinburgh, Scotland, nearly 11 years in Paris, France, 4 years in Monaco, and the last 14 years in Virginia, U.S.A.
When I first moved to Falls Church, Virginia, from Paris, the first question was almost invariably "Why?" However, if your passion is nature and landscape photography, I can think of few better countries to live in than the U.S., and living here there are many beautiful areas only a short drive away.
Self taught in photography, I have been taking pictures for the last 30 years or so, but it is only in the last 19 years that I became more serious, and started to sell photographs to magazines, etc. My job from 1980 - 2001 was international film and television distribution, which took me all over the world, but I rarely had time to actually take any photos on those trips. A sabbatical year in 1995 and my holidays were the times I took most of my photographs. It has only been in the last 9 years that I have devoted myself full-time to photography. In that time I have had work exhibited in 5 juried shows at the Art League, in the Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, Virginia, and I have had a number of exhibitions of my work in Virginia and Maryland.
I sell my photographs at the Montgomery Farm Womens' Cooperative Market, in Bethesda, Maryland,on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and at the Georgetown Flea Market in Washington, D.C. on Sundays. In addition, I sell at a variety of craft shows and street fairs during the year.

I also do commissions,particularly photographing children.