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Question   Compliment
I have 3 of your prints hanging in my home and I could not love them more. Beautiful!

- Nancy Fritz October 05, 2017

  Answer Dear Nancy,
Thanks for the note - glad you like them!

- Peter Tomlinson  October 06, 2017

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Question   Eiffel and staute
I bought print from you yesterday at the Dulles Expo Center. I love it even more now that it is hanging on my wall. Keep up the great work

- Katy Kline May 01, 2017

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Question   Blue Herons
Thanks so much for steering me to your website. I've seen several photos that catch the essence of a heron in its habitat and recommend those photos to all.

- Bettie McCarthy March 17, 2016

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Question   Swan, France
Dear Peter,

I acquired a copy of "Swan, France" in an online auction,
and it is breathtaking!

Thank you for your wonderful work.


Paula Quinn
Bowling Green, KY

- Paula Quinn March 09, 2016

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Question   your website
hellooo .... I'm from Indonesia . I found the website by browsing on the internet . I'm very interested to visit this website . and it turns out after it opened , the website is very nice and very helpful . mix of color matching and very creative . I was so inspired to work like this website . thank you

- ade winda February 25, 2016

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Question   Pictures and Stories
Stopped by the Market in Bethesda and was totally enamored by your exquisite photography. Thank you for taking the time to tell me the stories behind the photos. It was a pleasure meeting you.

You have just gained a new fan! I will definitely tell others about your remarkable work.

- Kim Williams October 24, 2014

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Question   Your new work
Wonderful to see your new work, especially Great Falls and the foxes.

- Kristin Harris March 25, 2014

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Question   praise
We just visited you booth at the DelRay art fair and were very impressed by the beauty and originality of your photographs - definitely the most interesting ones there. It is a great pleasure to be able to see more on your website.

- Irene Wittig October 06, 2012

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Question   Beautiful Photos
Hi, Peter,

Mel here! Just stopped by your site, and am overwhelmed by the incredible beauty of your work! You are an amazing photographer! Miss you guys, hope to see you soon!

With Love,


- Melanie Newlon November 13, 2008

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Question   Bethesda
I stopped by your display at the Montgomery Market several weeks ago and only just getting to check out your site. I really enjoy your work. I am an Artist myself and I wish you all the best as you pursue your passion full-time (:

- Pamela Clifford  November 01, 2008

  Answer Dear Pamela,
Many thanks for your email and your words of encouragement..
Kindest regards,


- Peter Tomlinson  November 05, 2008

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Question   photo galleries
Very nice photo's, great photo galleries.
Enjoyed your site..Thanks

- james hicks October 27, 2008

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Question   Great Work!
Just purchased from you in front of Courthouse this morning, already heading out to get my picture of Great Falls in the winter framed. I'll be back next week!


-  August 05, 2007

  Answer Dear Mark,
Thanks for the message - look forward to seeing you next week.

- Peter Tomlinson  August 06, 2007

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Question   Bought (3) at Bethesda Womens' Farm Market
On a whim, I stopped by this venerable waystation that focuses not only on produce, but also the sale of art and...stuff. Mr. Tomlinson's stand was most definitely an oasis! The variety of subjects, lighting, enlargements was truly fascinating for such a small stand.

Mr. Tomlinson was a pleasure to speak with, and he happily explained the circumstance behind each photo. Many potential customers gathered around his area, and he took the time to speak with everyone about his art, and whatever else came up in conversation. What a cool guy!

It was difficult, but I narrowed my purchase to (3) 16' x 20"...finally framed and I can't wait to see them on the wall. It was 2 hours well spent! And I have REAL ART, not stock photos, for a very reasonable price.

Support the arts!

-  June 18, 2007

  Answer Dear Jeffrey,

Many thanks for your kind note - hope you enjoy the photos! Do check my website from time to time, as I am always adding new photos.
Best regards,


- Peter Tomlinson  June 19, 2007

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Question   Ice Storm
Ice Storm photo is amazing, Thanks again Peter for being so gifted.! This is as you know my second photo. I took Ice Storm to a framing shop on Wis avenue and got a wonderful frame and another matt........
It now hangs in my entry way, everyone loves it just like the other photo.
I will not be seeing you for weeks now, and will also be unable to go online, due to the fact that I am having neck surgery this Wed 7-21-2004. Will be out of comission for at least 3 weeks, and will not be able to return to work for 3 months !!
But know this........ when Im able to drive and do the usual things I will either be back online or in Bethesda looking for yet another photo...... !!
Thanks again for your great shots.
Until we meet again........

-  July 18, 2004

  Answer Dear Darlene,

Many thanks for your email - I wish you all the best for your surgery,I hope everything goes well, and that you make a speedy receovery..
Kind regards,


- Peter Tomlinson  July 20, 2004

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Question   Pleasure meeting you
Amalia, Alexis & I enjoyed meeting you and some of your photos today, before the rain exploded. And now that I've read your bio page I understand why your French is so excellent.

So one mystery is resolved. But as someone who also moved here from Paris, the "Why Arlington after Paris" mystery is definitely not! (There must be more to it than American nature photography, since it seems that most of your nature photography is very far from Arlington.)

When Amalia has a room of her own, it will have to be decorated with photos of Mandarin ducks, elephants, swans, and giraffes...

- Manuel

-  July 04, 2004

  Answer Dear Manuel,

Many thanks for your email - we have been away for a couple of days, so this reply is a bit slow...
The reason for Arlington after Paris was in fact a woman who I met in Paris, who was from Falls Church - she is now my wife, and the reason I crossed the Atlantic...
I look forward to seeing you when you are decorating...


- Peter Tomlinson  July 07, 2004

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