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from  Bought (3) at Bethesda Womens' Farm Market

On a whim, I stopped by this venerable waystation that focuses not only on produce, but also the sale of art and...stuff. Mr. Tomlinson's stand was most definitely an oasis! The variety of subjects, lighting, enlargements was truly fascinating for such a small stand.

Mr. Tomlinson was a pleasure to speak with, and he happily explained the circumstance behind each photo. Many potential customers gathered around his area, and he took the time to speak with everyone about his art, and whatever else came up in conversation. What a cool guy!

It was difficult, but I narrowed my purchase to (3) 16' x 20"...finally framed and I can't wait to see them on the wall. It was 2 hours well spent! And I have REAL ART, not stock photos, for a very reasonable price.

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from Peter Tomlinson
on June 19, 2007
 Dear Jeffrey,

Many thanks for your kind note - hope you enjoy the photos! Do check my website from time to time, as I am always adding new photos.
Best regards,


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