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from  Pleasure meeting you

Amalia, Alexis & I enjoyed meeting you and some of your photos today, before the rain exploded. And now that I've read your bio page I understand why your French is so excellent.

So one mystery is resolved. But as someone who also moved here from Paris, the "Why Arlington after Paris" mystery is definitely not! (There must be more to it than American nature photography, since it seems that most of your nature photography is very far from Arlington.)

When Amalia has a room of her own, it will have to be decorated with photos of Mandarin ducks, elephants, swans, and giraffes...

- Manuel Previous Response:
from Peter Tomlinson
on July 07, 2004
 Dear Manuel,

Many thanks for your email - we have been away for a couple of days, so this reply is a bit slow...
The reason for Arlington after Paris was in fact a woman who I met in Paris, who was from Falls Church - she is now my wife, and the reason I crossed the Atlantic...
I look forward to seeing you when you are decorating...


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