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from  Ice Storm

Ice Storm photo is amazing, Thanks again Peter for being so gifted.! This is as you know my second photo. I took Ice Storm to a framing shop on Wis avenue and got a wonderful frame and another matt........
It now hangs in my entry way, everyone loves it just like the other photo.
I will not be seeing you for weeks now, and will also be unable to go online, due to the fact that I am having neck surgery this Wed 7-21-2004. Will be out of comission for at least 3 weeks, and will not be able to return to work for 3 months !!
But know this........ when Im able to drive and do the usual things I will either be back online or in Bethesda looking for yet another photo...... !!
Thanks again for your great shots.
Until we meet again........
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from Peter Tomlinson
on July 20, 2004
 Dear Darlene,

Many thanks for your email - I wish you all the best for your surgery,I hope everything goes well, and that you make a speedy receovery..
Kind regards,


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